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December 2013

A quick trip to Lady Elliot island to chill for a few days with manta rays and turtles

April 2013

I went on the most awesome band tour ever - to China. My parents went to China as well, but pretty much did their own thing.

Best. Time. Ever.

Feb 2013

My Dad went off to dive the sunken ships in Truk Lagoon, at Chuuk in the FSM.

Jan 2013

After a quick new years on the harbour, we went skiing in Zermatt for a few days, then way North to the Arctic, arriving two weeks before dawn. We visited Finland, Sweden and Norway, and it was dark and cold. Any time we wanted to go outside we'd have to put on 6 or 7 layers, sometimes with a "stupid suit" over the top. The ice hotel was way cool.

September 2012

We went on Safari in Kenya and Tanzania, after first stopping off in Dubai to go to the amazing Atlantis water park, very similar to the Atlantis we visited in the Bahamas

July 2012

July 2012 - We went on an air-safari around the Kimberley, drove the Gibb River Road, went to the Horizontal Falls and the staircase to the moon.


Other things from 2012 - Christmas, birthday, hanging with friends and family.

April 2012

While my mum was away at Kokoda, my Dad and I went scuba diving for a week at Heron Island, and also had a few days at Surfer's Paradise. The vis at Heron was kinda disappointing coz the seas were huge, but we did get to see a manta ray on the last dive!


My Mum went off trekking again, this time on the Six Foot Track and also another trip to Kokoda

January 2012

We went skiing in Whistler again, and on the way stopped off in LA and went to Disneyland and Universal, and went flying at the iFly and saw the Hollywood sign.

June - Oct 2011

Our new pool got built, and we went on holidays to Tonga and Fiji, and I earned my scuba certification and even got a hug from Jean Michel Cousteau!

August 2011

My dad went on a boy's fishing trip to the wild NT.

October 2010 - May 2011

A busy six months. Jaffa the Dog came to live with us, and I went on band tour with my school band, which was probably one of the best times I've ever had. We went back to Whistler for more skiing (boarding), and I developed an interest in being a chef. We had a great day on the harbour at Australia day, and I started at a new school. At easter we went up to QLD.

September 2010 - Book launch

At last we came home, then two weeks later we had the book launch, which was a very busy time and included some mentions in newspapers. I did a reading at the launch, and my BFF helped me get through it!

September 2010 - Bangkok

On the way home we stopped in Bangkok for a couple of days. I'd been in Thailand about two months before, but this was very different.

August 2010 - Athens

We went to Athens in Greece, which I was really looking forward to because I'd heard about all the cats. We saw some really really old stuff, and lots of cats which only came out around dusk. It was pretty hot.

August 2010 - Cats of Greece

These are just some of the cats I saw in Greece. One of them is a dog pretending to be a cat.

August 2010 - London

Next stop was London, where we saw lots more old stuff and caught up with some more friends who used to live in Australia. We went on the London Eye, which is a kind of big ferris wheel, and saw where people used to be executed.

August 2010 - Switzerland and Paris

After that we went to catch up with some Cammeray friends who now live in Basel in Switzerland. Then we went to Paris and scootered all over the place and looked at lots of old stuff.

August 2010 - Bahamas

Next we went to the Bahamas, which was really the reason we started this trip. We started in a huge hotel with built-in awesome water park, then went on a big boat with some good friends, and did lots of swimming and snorkelling. I got to go scuba diving in the ocean. We had a great time.

July 2010 - New York

We set forth on our big round-the-world trip, and started in New York which I really loved. We scootered around to museums and toy shops, and went up the empire state building and out to the statue of liberty. And best of all, I flew on the trapeze.

June 2010

I had my tenth birthday, which was a really great ice skating party. We also went out on the harbour to help welcome home Jessica Watson from sailing around the world, and we went to Thailand with some friends, and also Singapore. I got to do trapeze up really high, and it was very cool.

Apr 2010

We went back to Fiji and had a great time doing lots of snorkelling. I also got to try SCUBA diving for the first time, and through it was awesome. We also went sailing with friends in Sydney harbour and my Dad went to Red Bull Air Race (again)

Jan 2010

We were really excited to go back to Whistler mountain in Canada and spend 10 days skiing. They were having an unusually warm winter, which went on to cause a few problems with the olympics, but we had plenty of snow. I tried snow boarding and really liked it.

Dec 2009

We went to melbourne for a long weekend, my Mum had a special birthday and a really big party, we went camping with the school on Cockatoo Island, I went to circus school with Annie, and, oh yeah, we had Xmas !

Sep/Oct 2009

My nana died and we all went to Hervey Bay for the funeral and to spend some family time together. With whales. We also went to New Caledonia to the Isle of Pines, which was really great and we stayed in a little house beside a coral reef on beautiful Kanumera Bay where I decided I would go to live when I grow up. A bit of excitement when a man came and told us a tsunami would be arriving in half an hour, so we went for a surprise walk up a big hill along with most of the rest of the island, but nothing happened so we went back down and went snorkelling.

April 2009

The first term school holdays corresponded with easter and we headed off to Central Australia and went to all the gorges around Alice Springs, Kings Canyon and Uluru.

Sep 2008 - Mar 2009

A busy six months. I became very keen on tennis. I spent some time getting to know my cousin Isaiah. We went to Tasrainia and lived in a snail and went to all sorts of really great wilderness including caves. I did some great Wing Chun Kung Fu demos with my Kung Fu buddies. My Dad went to see the Red Bull Air Race, and he put the photos here. And then we went to Lord Howe Island and I met a lovely wrasse named Harlequin and a couple of really nice Galapagos Sharks.

Feb - Aug 2008

Wow, so much happened. Mum & Dad went to see Carlos Santana, we went for a holiday to Sunshine Beach and I learned how to surf, my Dad took me snorkelling in my steamer wetsuit, I turned 8 and had a great spy party. The Olympics happened and we saw the swimmers practicing just before they went to Beijing. I also started doing Wing Chun Kung Fu, and we took a week off school and went to Falls Creek.

Xmas 2007

We lived on the boat for a week with Pooxie the cat. Then we went skiing at Whistler in Canada, and boy it was cold - about minus 10 degrees most days but the skiing was fantastic. I did big air with a 2m jump!. My Dad sold his car, and Dreck the water dragon decided to live with us.


My mum spent two weeks treking the Kokoda trail, and I was very proud of her!

October 2007

School holidays and we went to Fiji to the Cousteau resort near Savu Savu, and everyone had a very lovely time.

July 2007

School holidays and we went to Darwin, Kakadu, Litchfield National Park and Catherine, and I saw more than 100 crocodiles !

June 2007

I turned seven and had a great gymnastics party with my friends!

April 2007

My mum got graduated, and I went to Hervey Bay to see my Nanna and Pa, and it turned out to be the last time I saw Pa.

April 2007

Easter holidays, including the Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo and feeding a giraffe!

Feb 2007

My Dad went on a blokes sailing holiday to the British Virgin Islands.

Xmas 2006

Xmas holidays 2006 - Sea World, Reptile Park, Gunnong, Sailing with friends.

Oct 2006

A sailing holiday in the Kingdom of Tonga, with my two-dimensional friend, Flat Stanley.

July 2006

FNQ in July 06 -- Townsville, Hinchinbrook and Cairns.

June 2006

Now I am six! This was my sixth birthday, and it was a Reptile Party. Very cool. It was my best birthday ever, and all my classmates from KB came along, as well as some other friends too.

April 2006

Easter egg hunt, holiday on the gold coast surfing and visiting currumbin wildlife sanctuary, boating with Oscar and Ferg

Dec 2005 - Jan 2006

My first dive trip to Lord Howe Island; pre-school break-up party with my bestest friend Annie; Christmas; sleepy on a plane with my best horse; new years eve fireworks on the harbour; spending 5 days on the boat with Mum; Dad and Cat; getting ready for 1st day of school. A big month.

November 2005

The weekend my cousin Kim was married to my new cousin James.

Greece 2005

Sailing from Samos to Rhodos in the Dodecanese in Greece with Bruce and Wendy on a Beneteau 393.


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