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Aug 2005

Visiting Nanna and Pa at their new house, bushwalking in the blue mountains, bushwalking to manly, skiing at Thredbo.

Fifth Birthday

Bush Birthday, June 2005, with all my friends on a bush walk and picnic

Jan-Jun 2005

Sitting up close at the Wiggles Tsunami relief concert, Byron Bay, Blue Mountains, Fishing

December 2004

Wiggles, Coffs Harbour, Christmas at Hervey Bay

November 2004

Bondi festival, Queenstown NZ, Melbourne

August 2004

Double Island, fun with friends, Annie movies

August 2004

Snow at Mt Thredbo!

July 2004

Nowra Museum of Flight, Hervey Bat crab hunting

June 2004

Birthday, friends, flying at Fox Studios, Cousins, BBQ with friends

Jan - Apr 2004

Riding, Cow beanbag, Cow skirt, Real cows, riding a horse, playing with friends

Hear me sing twinkle twinkle

Hear me sing "We Are One...."(aged 4.5)

Hear me sing how to spell my name (aged about 3.5)

Nov 2003 - Jan 2004

Fun at home, Day Care party, First Bike, Beach fun

September & October 2003

Hervey Bay, fun with friends, acrobatics, Simone's Australia Day bravery award

Hamilton Island Race Week, August 2003

Fun and games on the good ship "Bronte"

Hervey Bay, June 2003

Unexpectedly getting the old team together. Dad becomes the bionic grandfather

Double Island, Cairns

Visiting Sean's hideaway off the coast of Cairns and chilling out for a few days.

Turning Three! June, 2003

Party time with all my friends, turning three, having a ladybird cake.

May 2003

Weekends in Port Stephens and surrounds; Hanging with Grammie; George's birthday party.

Hervey Bay and Noosa, March 2003

Visiting my Nana and Pa at Hervey Bay, going to a great indoor play ground, taking it easy at Noosa. We even went to Australia zoo, and I learned how to pat a kangaroo and then taught the kangaroo how to hop. Then we came home, and I got new pyjamas.

Feb 2003

My favourite face at Luna Park, vising the gardens to see Alexander Duck, having two friends around for a dinner party. Also a small movie showing the culmination of many months effort - my first successful hop.

December 2002 / Jan 2003

A busy few months. Discovered the joy of naked gardening, high fashion, fed ducks from the boat, played with a Dolphin statue (fountain) in Melbourne's Fitzroy Gardens, christmas at Gunnong.

My cousin Simone is a hero

The most terrible thing happened: Simone, Peter and :Lynne's property was badly affected by fire. But my cousin Simone was the hero of the day and saved a whole bunch of kids, and got her picture on the front page of the local newspaper, with more on page three.  

Visiting the Jones' (Jan 2003)

We went to visit my friends Charlie and Gemma Jones, and their Dad took some pictures, and then found he had some even older pictures from the last time we'd come visiting. Was I ever really that young ?

August and September 2002

Meeting big Maisy, going on holidays to Hamilton Island race week, Grammy and Aunty Alison coming to visit,

General Boating stuff

Pictures of Dad's boat, and assorted shots from Hamilton Island Race week.


July 2002

Birthday party, laughing (movie), high heels and nappy


June 2002

Synchronised stick poking with mum, playing at the beach, first bike riding, bath fun, tea time with George, experiments with hats, picnic at Balmoral


Feb / March 2002

Polar bear suit, Canberra with Nanna and Pa, lunch on the boat, painting


Dec 2001 - Jan 2002

Experiments with hats, visiting Nanna and Pa in Hervey Bay, reading with Grammy, beach fun, movies of beach fun


Oct / Nov 2002

Noosa beach holiday, first ice cream, indoor cricket, swimming pool fun, fun with yellow boots and yellow life jackets


Adventure from Fiji to Vanuatu

My dad disappeared for a few days to help sail a friends boat from Fiji to Vanuatu.

September 2001

Playgrounds, beaches, slides, playing with Gemma, reading with Nanna, pink jacket, mastery of the spoon


July 2001

Boating, sleeping, playing with giant balls, beaching


Meredith and James Wedding

My cousin James and Auntie Meredith got married, and I didn't go!


Turning one

My first birthday that counts. Parties, yellow shirts, very first steps, cakes, presents, playing with Grange. 


May 2001

Sitting up, crawling, vegemite


My first Noosa beach holiday

What good fun - Annie came to visit, Nanna and Pa came to visit, the Endeavour replica came to visit.


Davies Family Weekend (March 2001)

Everyone on the Davies side of the family came to meet me, including cousin Simone and uncle Peter. Graeme, Sharon, Mel and Kim, Nanna and Pa. Lots of group photos.



I got sort of Christened, and everyone came to see me. What good fun. I wore a pretty dress, and just about everybody I'm related to came to see.


Months 8-10 (March 2001)

Major discoveries:- vegemite tastes good, sand tastes good, air guitar can be played using only a spoon, looking cute pays dividends.


April 2001

Crawling, picnics, discovery that boxes are fun, early boating experiences


From conception to first Vegemite

First few cells, early ultrasounds, going into hospital, being born, meeting my Dad for the first time, first bath, meeting first cousins, meeting grandparents and early outings. My formative months.


Sonnet For Juliette
By John Ashton


Who turns her back, then turns with look so coy?

(Behind that muslin veil; her favoured toy)

Who asks such things to set the mind askance?

Then takes that straightened uncle - makes him dance!


Who surprises me with such a playful squeeze?

(My bestest playmate - so much fun to tease!)

And who’s that child who makes that whooping noise?

Whilst herding her menagerie of toys.


Who’s that quiet one, whose thoughts are far away?

Whose dreams are written for a future day

Let growing up and older be delayed

And let all moments for this moment be enjoyed.


Beyond the brown eyed smile I see, and yet,

Another brown eyed smiling Juliette.





My Thunderbirds ID card, thanks to Wendy.