2011 June - Oct

2011 June - Oct

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Concreting day

Biggles powered-down

The backyard skate bowl2

Do we hafta fill it with water

The giant cupcake

Pebblecrete day

Fill 'er up

JJ plays the Opera House

Spit to Manly walk

Up a tree

Aquarium Cafe. Best. Milkshake. Ever

Epic Tongan milkshake

Hunga Village

Hunga Lagoon

Hunga Pass

Tongan flower

Hunga plantation

Hunga chicken

Hunga village house

Hunga pig

JJ Sailing along

Having a nice time

How far does that reef go out

Oh I reckon we'll be ok

Let's keep an eye on it anyway

Dad, daughter and dive spot

Anu Beach

The anchorage


People starting to arrive

Tongan kids

Sunset before the feast

The boys step out


Tongan feast


Scissortail sergents

Xmas tree worms

Three blue fish

One fish two fish


Plate coral

Touching worms

Down deep

Deep diver


On the way up




Private beach

Poor baby shark

Various tracks

Girl up a tree


J & S

J & I

Artie shot

Blue lagoon


Nuku village

White flowers

Coconut palms on blue sky

Climbing a tree

Is that a bug up there

Sailing us home

A lert

Entering Neifu

On the way home

The woodcarvers

Our racing crab

Johnnie hosting the race

Cousteau dancers

JJ getting certified

Diver Dan

Ready to go


Cousteau dive shop

JJ and Diver Dan rig their gear

Heading out for a dive

From Savusavu point


JJ and Jean Michel

Fixing the roof

Cruise ship day at Savusavu town

Savusavu market

Standing on the dock of the (Savusavu) bay

Goodbye song

Aerial view

Savusavu point

JJ rescuing a frog

Our dolphins under construction