2012 Kimberley

2012 Kimberley

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Run slideshow

Durack Station


Lake Argyle dam wall

Waiting for the boat

The damn wall

Ord river

Touristing down the Ord

Lake Kununurra

Little Freshie

Arvo tea




Sunset on lake Kununurra

Air Safari

Landscape 1

Spot the plane

Beehives 1

Beehives 3

Beehives 4


Spot the Elephants


Worth a pic

Piccaninny Creek walk

Piccaninny Creek

Violet Crumble

Bungling Family

On the way to Cathedral Gorge

In the Cathedral

Lunch break

Arty shot

Looking back out (2)

Sunset lookout

Hot and tired and windy

Chillaxing before the Chill arrives

Leading the way to Mini Palms Gorge

Livistona Palms

Mini Palms Gorge

Three shot

Looking back out

Into Echida Chasm

Echinda Chasm

Looking up

Enterprising Tree


Nice bug

osmond ranges

Our private steed

Our tent at the freezing Bungle Bungles

Northern Sunset


Ready to fly

Bungles from the air

Ready to bug out

Our camp

Final Bungle look

Need to come back and walk this one

Argyle diamond mine

Boab water

Spiral free

Ancient sea bed

Walking into Emma

Emma creek

Natures band aid

Walking walking

Looks toasty

JJ co-pilot


Anthony our Mitchell Falls guide

Ooops, a hole in the termite mound

Drink stop

18000 year old Gwion

Bradshaw Carvings

Behind the waterfall

Nice place to chill


On the way to Mitchell Falls


Wandjina spaceman

Carvings 2

Deadly Berry

Carvings 4

The falls



Crossing over to the heli point

Time to cool off

The helipad

3 hrs later, mound all fixed

Mitchell Falls 3

Mitchell Falls 6

Easier than walking back

From the air

Mitchell accommodation


The Glampsite


This pilot works hard

Glad we paid for lounge access

How to get a signal at Home Valley

The Gibb River Road

Bell Gorge from the top

Bell Gorge falls

Walking in to Bell Gorge

Bell Gorge crossing

Like a day at the beach

In she goes

And off she goes

There she is

Lunchtime marshmellow

A small crossing

Susie fire twirler

Fancy moves

Not really

Adcock Gorge

Watch out for the snake

Galvins gorge

Galvins frogs

Galvins waterfall

Ahh, relaxing


Lunch stop near Galvins

Windjana gorge

Nice rock

Behind you

Nice smile

Crocs everywhere

Ancient marine fossil

Classic van

The Prison Boab

To the falls

Falls 1

Falls 2

Horizontal Falls 2

Horizontal Falls 4

On our way to the falls

Old pearling pontoon

Bent rocks



Falls houseboats

Derby harbour

Cape Leveque rd


Our tent at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm

A room with a view of shoes


Getting aboard our sea legs

And up she rises

Steering the cat

Ahoy there

Burn baby burn

Evening marshmellows

Cape Leveque sand meets sea

Cape Leveque 2

Cream filled rock

Cape Leveque 4

Is this mars

Nice texture

Staircase to the Moon

Jonda and Callum

Sunset over Cable Beach

Girls vs


Dino print at Point Grantheaume


Old Lighthousekeeper chimney


Cable Beach panarama

Two at Cable Beach

Bush Bacon

Wide load

Our Villa at Eco Beach

Sunset at Eco beach

Eco beach villa

The micro Bungles at Eco Beach



Beach walkers

From the cave

Nice sand effect


Crab shell

Whats SUP