January 2012 - Los Angeles and Whistler

January 2012 - Los Angeles and Whistler

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Run slideshow

iFly 2

iFly 3

iFly 1

Time for a hot chockie

Freaky dude at Venice Beach

After a long flight

Pointy hats


With the Hamiltons


Its a small world after all

Hard rock 1

Hard rock 2

Hard rock 3

Guess where we are


Up high

Shredding along

Santa Monica sunset

At Disneyland



Cupcake city

With Donkey at Universal

With Jaws

Ready for the backlot tour

From the movies

Grinch town

Crashed 747

Animal act

With a famous actor

Guess who

Waterworld show 1

Waterworld show 2

Waterworld show 3

Peak to Peak

Whistler Peak


Across to seventh heaven

Out our back window

Front window


Resting at the rings

JJ up the tree fort

There she is

Ahh feels good

At the top


Nobody's here

Last run, ski hard

Vancouver airport aquarium