2013 The Arctic

2013 The Arctic

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Street Xmas party at our house

Kids aplenty

Last day of school

Bye from the little skids

Heading into the big unknown

Farewell to NBPS

Cammeray kids taking the plunge

Arrival in Zermatt

Pre-dawn Moon-Materhorn combo from our hotel zoom balcony

A few minutes later

I think she likes it here

Nice hat

Sunny day towards the Matterhorn

Hot dog

At Rothorn Paradise

A good setting for a James Bond movie

And bubbly on the home trail

Those Swiss know a thing or two about chocolate

Are we at disneyland

Girls ready to ski

Skied over to Italy for lunch

Mmmmm.... lunch

Decisions, decisions

Blizzard blowing off the top of the horn2

Wouldn't want to be up there now

A better day

Out the gondie window

Where would you like to go today

Italian beer

The Matterhorn sure looks different from the Italian side

Mind the yellow line

Rugged up for minus 20

On lake Inari at Ivalo

Our faithful steeds await

The guides retrieve a net

Note the torch-light at noon

Gutted before it freezes to death

The non-flying variety


A church thing

Ice fishing lesson

It augurs well

Taking turns on Lake Inari

Have I caught one yet

Inside for some reindeer soup

Moving to the igloo

Nice trees

Ready for action

Icy tree

Out for a walk in Kakslauttanen - must be tourists

I think I felt a nibble

In the glass igloo

She quite suits a glass igloo

Our home

Nice outlook

Good for throwing snowballs at

Laplander making coffee

Not entirely flattering


This is what a reindeer's bum looks like

Ready for an afternoon's crab fishing in Kirkenes

If it looks cold it's because it really really is

Out on the frozen fiord near Kirkenes

Looks like dinner

Nice legs (around 2pm)

Farm house for lunch

Rustic bits and pieces

Oh yeah

That's the Russian border over there

Lyngen Lodge Lit

Very first northern light

And a bit more

Northern light behind the forest

Susie and Ian and a Northern Light

Starting up

Lyngen Northern Lights 1

Lyngen Northern Lights 2


Lyngen Northern Lights 9

Rivers of Green

Out for a snow shoe


Snowy tree walk

Lyngen Lodge fireplace

Snow angle

Err, the snow gets in

Sure does

Afternoon at the fijord

Next nights display

Our nordic skiing instructor

A bit cold

Fiordish fishing village

Ready to slide


Double oops

Now we've got it

The ball router2

IR image

Mmmm... interesting

Guess who

Tromso Science Museum ball cannon

Gyro rotator

Puzzle climbing wall


Our little house at Abisko

The best display of the trip
















And then it was gone

What we were almost doing instead


Ice crystals 'around' the moon

Atop the Abisko Auroral Observatory

Cold, yes

Waiting for a display

Nice eyes

They all look a bit alike

Except for that one

Sledding instruction from the Lapplander

Hold on

Really hold on


Inside the Lapplanderish Lodge for Reindeer soup

Arriving at the Ice Hotel, Kiruna

Solid uprights

Nice lobby

Drinking from ice flutes in the ice bar


Sermon in the ice church (note the wagging finger)

At the ice bar

Anyone for fish

Two bubblies please barkeep

And a hot chocolate (not)

Our room

Our bed

Art room 1

Art room 2

Art room 3

Lounging around

Nice chandeleer

Orb room

Dragon room 2

Rug up

Deep snow on nighttime aurora patrol

Ready to head home

Oh so faint aurora

Sledding on the river

Nice doggies2

Hong Kong skyline

Stuck in Stockholm

OMG an ipad in the Limo

HK spicy crab

The place for crab