2013 Truk Lagoon

2013 Truk Lagoon

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First dive, where's the ship


Fujikawa Maru plaque

Macentsi polishes Kimiuo Aisek's plaque

Coral on the Fujikawa

Bow gun

Bow telegraph

Still set to 'holy shit'

Coral around the bow gun

Looking down the side of the ship

Encrusted barrel

Something important

Gas masks

Spare prop blades and shell casings

Let's go through there

And down the ladder

Zero fighter in the hold

Zero tail

Stick and rudder pedals

Wing gun and fuel barrels

Up the stairs to the bridge

Soft coral

Hanging near the cargo mast

Nanananana Bat Fish!

Cargo mast towards the sky

Where's the ship gone

One fish, two fish, red fish ...

Sponges and things


Ascidian, I think

Nice soft coral

Snorkelling on an upturned zero

Wing gun

Bits and pieces on the Kiyosumi Maru

Fire extinguisher might have come in handy

Into the Kiyosumi

In we go

A giant spool of something or other

Back out in the light

Looking out

Pete threads his way

Gun barrels pointing skyward

Empty lifeboat davits. Kinda poignant

Gas mask and femur

Upsidedown christmas-tree worm

Nice bit of staghorn

Giant prop of the Rio De Janeiro Maru

A long straight something

Bottles of saki on the wall

Into the Rio we go

Turn this

The hull of the Rio De Janeiro Maru

Bowl and bottles

A broken guage

Broken plates

Old bottle

Rain rain rain

Spare torpedoes in the Heian Maru

Torpedo warehead

A coral-encrusted something


Medical kit on the Shinkoku Maru

Fill yer boots


Another extinguisher. Obviously a popular item on the day

Shinkoku telegraph

A herd of bannerfish

Nice anemone

Another empty davit

Little white sludgy guy

Huge cleat

Unbroken light

Me disappearing into a hole

A-A rounds on the Sankisan Maru

Thousands of rounds

Old truck

The rubber lasts well

Steering wheel

Medicine bottles

Aircraft parts

Aircraft wheel

Sankisan coral

Spot the truck

Bow of the Sankisan Maru

Macentsi prepares to defend the ship

More Sankisan coral

Emperor Angelfish

Nemo's not home

More soft coral

Click again

Spot the spotted eagle ray

Wiring in good shape on the Yamagiri Maru

Ribs, femurs, etc from the poor bugger trapped deep inside the Yamagiri

Flash failed to fire makes for a pretty striking shot

Somehow, his skull is stuck in the roof

These spanners are more than 1 metre in length

More bones


14 inch shells

More Yamagiri shells

Gauges in the Hoyo Maru engine room

Electrical panel

Hoyo is upsidedown

Tonoas Island

Emily flying boat

Emily engine

Soft coral on cockpit window

One of the floats that didn't

Black and white fish

Aircraft battery

Aircraft radio set

Flying boat anchor

Kensho Maru lantern

Kensho bow gun


Old fan

Giant cylinder head

Engine room gantry - c'mon guys

Let's go through here




Outside on Kensho

Back in again at the stern

Old pot

Shell casing

Bunch of random stuff

Radio room giant radio set

Porthole, unbroken and open. Imagine some guy having a look out

Bridge telegraph on Kensho

Time to go up yet

Surface interval

Side of Betty Bomber


Yet another bannerfish

Seat and machine gun

Radio and oxygen bottles

Control panel

Looking out the top gunner's position from inside

To paraphrase '2001' - OMG, it's full of FISH

Little fishies

Cockpit bits

For some reason I really like this shot

Where's the plane

Top gunner position

Fuel tank

Now that looks like a bomber

Another radio

Arty shot

Yellow fish

Deco chamber with integral towel rail

The fleet