2013 China Tour

2013 China Tour

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Run slideshow

Sydney airport departures - nervous little vegemites

Nice touch from a caring airport2.JPG

Random face

Lee the sign holder welcomes us

On the bus from Beijing airport

Welcoming sign and Sheldon the organiser

Blobby things

Minibar for the kids (with beer)

Ella and JJ ready for adventure2


Hotel room Beijing

Trying to eat a bread roll with chopsticks is harder than it looks

No exploding cars or trumpets allowed

Tiananmen Square

Forbidden City


Forbidden City Moat




Ideologically correct sculpture at Mao's tomb

Susie at the square

Male lion

Inside the forbidden city


Forbidden Panarama

Interesting building

The band arrives at the GWOC

Setting up

Getting the reed ready

Tuning up

Lee translates the speech

Another banner



Girls performing at the GWOC

Cupcake head at the GWOC

Our climb up the wall

You are here

Kinda cold

Mr Mann conducts

Susie ascends

It's a long way to the top

Another day, another banquet

The dreaded tofu

Nice round building

Fresh pearls

Summer Palace mock township

Summer Palace lake

Exercise class

Tower of Buddhist Incense at Summer Palace

Kunming lake

Ornamental 'locks' retrieved from 'rakes'

Traditional band

Dragon and Pheonix

Summer Palace peaceful pond

The view from our Hutong House Hotel

Our hotel

Another location, another welcome

Muslim Quartrer markets Xi'an

Xi'an night markets

A busy saturday night in Xi'an

This is how you make your flat bread flat

The Drum Tower, Xi'an

Chinese Oreos

Riding along the city wall

Mr Hill goes terracotta

Red orbs on the City Wall

Ian and Susie go Terracotta

Ranks of Pannacotta warriors

Hundreds of them

Pit number one

And horses too

Close up

Broken bits


Susie on the city wall

JJ at the tea house with parents hiding around the corner

Just standing around

Dumpling feast

The show after-party

Hotel menu

The Xi'an culture show

Welcome to Shenzhen

Tong-li town

Tong-li waterway

Parents off the leash


Pet monkey

Tong-li restaurant

Impressive sugar

Like a boss

Living life large


Hotel room jumping

Dual selfie

Umm, too high

Leaving Shenzen

Oh yeah

Handstands in a five star hotel

Concerning border crossing



Girls with new shoes

Girls out for the night in HK

Out at night in HK

New gear

JJ and Rita

Yup, that's me

At Ocean Park

Awesome rollercoasters